Friday, 26 June 2009

Temple Dance

Earlier on, I was reading a great post by Sandy at God Speaks Today who hosts “Fitness Friday”.

OK, I have to admit that I was challenged, and decided to pick up the challenge.

I have been stuck behind the computer all day long way too long, and working on a book does not help. After reading Sandy's post, I am inspired to rekindle an old passion of mine: dance.

I have not danced for longer than I wish it was true. I love partner dance such as ballroom, and seeing that I do not have a dance partner, I have shelved that passion.

With Sandy’s challenge I decided to think differently and embark on happy solo dance movements around the home, stretching, and actually learn belly dancing. Yes, you read correctly!Apparently it is great for better blood circulation and better flexibility especially in the belly and hip region. Being in my 50’s, I think my belly could do with some exercises.

So, I have answered the challenge and have already ordered my belly dancing DVD from Amazon. Meanwhile I shall do some stretching and just general dance moves to music.
As our bodies are a temple of God ... I shall do some temple dances!

Big smiles,