Friday, 19 June 2009

Hilariously funny signs from around the world

Hello Friends! I'm linking up with, Kim, for Friday Funnies.

This is perfect, considering that only yesterday I started my own Meme: Spread A Smile Thursday! (Small beginnings, but hey!)

Anyway, for the Friday Funnies Meme hosted by Kim at Homesteaders Heart I am posting a collection of various Signs from around the world which I found on the Internet. (Click on the pics if you want to see the original size)

Have a good giggle,

Uncivilised airports are not tolerated in Yangshou, China.

Who knew that a lavatory experience could feel magical? (Location: Turkey)

Answers on a postcard, please. (Location: Blenheim, New Zealand)

The wet stairs make sense, but what do they want with our turbans? (Location: Tu Ha Hotel, Beijing)

The zoo keepers made good use of their English thesaurus. (Location: Pune Zoo, India)

We all like a bit of re-usable offal, so please help yourselves. (Location: China)

If Kafka were a park ranger... (Location: Eremo delle Carceri, near Assisi, Italy)

Antiques made to order, and antiquities created on demand. (Location: Bali)

Launching of nuclear misiles is perfectly reasonable in front of the sign, however. (Location: Noosa Heads, Australia)

Perhaps the cream sauce covers up the taste of the questionable meat. (Location: South Korea)

Elifants tak no pris ners. (Location: Tasmania, Australia)

Should I stay or should I go? Welcome to a world of indecision. Location: Kemmerer, WY

Fancy a nibble on the way out? Just don't do it like a vegetarian. Location: Shanghai, China

How cold is it? Normally, when it's so extremely cold that the water turns white we just call it snow. Location: Donner Lake, California

'Crad' anyone? When you get the ovary and the digestive glands, who can resist? Location: Shanghai, China

Killjoys - Although why you would want a lobster in your room is anybody’s guess. Location: Alma, New Brunswick, Canada

A pique nique by any other name
Looks like an entire team of translators was brought in for this task. Or maybe it was just one guy making them up. In which case, he forgot "el picko nicko" and "piazza del pica nica." (Location: Chateau Chenonceau, France)

Better than your average erection company
In case you’re wondering – and I imagine you are – this construction company answers the phone simply by saying “Superior.” (Location: Ohio)

a mind-boggling tirade from the eco warriors in the Darjeeling Police Force.

(Location: Tokyo)

Mystery meat - Always nice to see a little beast on the menu. (Location: Pisac, Peru)

Hazardous noises (Location: Sacremento)

Almost safe haven (Location: San Diego)

No cartwheels or headstands either

get all the caffeine and joy of drinking brownish water without having to endure the taste

Try our delicious steaming socks and underwear, Szechaun-style.

Heavy Traffic? Maybe there could be some major deer migration in the area.


Beth in NC said...

Geli, those are hilarious!!!

The Real Me! said...

Oh those were funny! Thanks for linking up today.
Happy Friday

Kelly said...

Those are too funny! I really needed the laughs today! ROFL!!!

Kathy C. said...

That stuff is too funny - had me laughing out loud for certain, :).

Sherry said...

Those were hilarious! LOL!

Have a great weekend!

SophieMae said...

Oh, my goodness! Those are hysterical! I think my favourite was... no, it was... or maybe... ;) Thanks ever so for merrying our hearts today!

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Vicki said...

I love funny signs! Thanks for the laughs.