Tuesday, 23 June 2009

... the fiery red hot passionate heritage left to me

I have so much fun with those various Memes here in Blogland. Not only does it cause me to stop and think, reminisce, or journal with an attitude of gratitude, wonder, fun and joy; but I am also meeting some really wonderful new people, plus say hello to those who have become dear friends enriching my life ... and I trust that I do the same for them.

Well, today is Tuesday again, and I am linking with Mary over at “Work Of The Poet” and her “Ruby Tuesday” Meme.

My “Red” contribution this week is from an old picture of my late mother. I decided on that picture for two reasons:

1. As I honoured my father during Father’s Day, I thought, why not honour my mother as well.
2. This picture of her in her red socks and red anorak on top of that mountain is so very typical of her personality and temperament.

She was a very energetic, goal driven, ambitious, intense and competitive lady (how come I did not inherit those wonderful traits .... I am far more laid-back).

She was also very emotional and passionate, which resulted in quite a few fireworks displays between us. As a ‘blue-blood’ Bavarian, Southern German, passion also runs in the veins ... now that I did inherit. They say that those parent-child relationships which are the most similar in temperament are probably the most volatile and fireworks graced ones. Mix that with an ever increasing crowd of Spanish relatives, no wonder people get confused and think I am Latin at times when I snap out of my laid-back demeanour. Yes, and of course my hands are all over the place ....

My mother was in many ways a very impressive lady. She was a first class pharmacist, and nothing but ‘summa cum laude’ would do.

She was also very gregarious. Just sit her next to anyone on a bench somewhere, and for sure we would visit them as a family in their country next time. She would strike up a conversation with absolute ease, poise and dignity of a statesman .... and make friends.

For people to come over for afternoon coffee was never a problem. The freezer was always stacked with the most delicious homemade cakes. She was sooooo organized ... how come that gene transfer did not happen to me??

She was a big reader, both in the field of science and literature. It also totally goes without saying that my parents would not ever be without their annual subscription to the theatre and opera house! Her love for classical music and art shaped me as a child. She was also very artistic herself.

We two ranted and raved, fought and fussed at each other. We caused each other a lot of pain and wounds, to the degree that when she died at the young age of 65, I was very glad that she was gone. Yet, I totally admire her.

In retrospect I realise and know beyond a shadow of doubt that she crazily loved me. She loved me the very best she knew how. She meant well, and I wish we had a chance to actually really get to know one another.

I have forgiven her a long, long time ago. As an adult I have come to understand her baggage and pain with great empathy. She herself was very misunderstood by her nearest and dearest, but hugely loved, and adored by everyone else.

She was a phenomenal lady, she was my mother who gave me life and raised me the best she could. As a mother of two adult children, myself, I have come to understand this often rocky road of parenthood. The tears I have cried over my children when I was a less than perfect mother and hurt them, the many prayers I have prayed, and I am grateful to God the way they have turned out – any mother could be proud of them!

There was another legacy my mother left, she would sing love songs to Jesus, and especially in her darkest hours I would hear her sing psalms, hymns and love songs.

She truly was amazing with her fiery red hot passion and attitude, and love. And I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and honour to a most outstanding lady, my mother!

Wishing you a passionate ruby red love and laughter filled Tuesday!


irene said...

Nice tribute to a passionate mother.

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

How beautiful is that?!! Gosh, I'm in tears.
Though, our mothers walked very different paths, they were similar. My mother would strike up conversation with anyone. I asked her one time why she talked to total strangers? She looked at me with the most sincere face and said "Tina, you never know when you entertaining an angel".
Your mom was absolutely one beautiful lady.

Carletta said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother. Mothers and Daughters - a connection like no other.
That must have been some view in the image. Love those Ruby socks.

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Robin said...

What a beautiful tribute to a woman who was boldly traveling her own path.