Thursday, 8 January 2009

Time to breathe, behold and connect

(Originally posted on September 20th 2008)

In the rush of everyday life, especially living in a busy fast-paced town like London England, it is nice to take a breather from it all, at times.

The day was beautiful, a warm, sunny autumnal September day. The location of the workshop was a quaint old house in a fine residential area in London with a near-by delightful park, were we had a lovely picnic spread out on the grass.

I always love it when people arrive in the morning of such workshops, some with trepidation, some with excitement, others with an attitude of ‘ok let’s see what they have to offer to me’. People start mingling around; holding onto their cups of coffee or tea, staring at each other’s stuck-on name tags, making polite conversation.

As the day progresses, barriers start to fall, and by the end of the day, everyone is eager to exchange email addresses and phone numbers.

It’s all about being in a space where everyone is invited to share a little bit about their own life, stopping for a moment in one’s hectic life, and actually behold another human being with their unique facets of wonder inside of them.

I enjoyed this workshop as it is very much in line with my own work and ministry: inStrengths Ministries – Journey of Intimacy.

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