Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oil & Vinegar - the culinary gift shop

(Originally posted on December 3rd, 2008)


About a month ago I discovered a small shop tucked away in our local shopping centre. It was one of those moments where I was irresistabley drawn into that Aladin’s cave of spices, herbs, olive oils and vinegars.

I’m a foody, but probably would fail every single cook competition as I am very heavy handed with strong flavours. I am passionate about strong, vibrant flavours.

The motto of the shop is “Pasionate about taste” and of course it is “Oil & Vinegar”

oil-vinegar-shop-1Today, I decided to have a good snoop around in that place. They have franchises all over the world, so there might be one near you.

A little warning, though, they are quite expensive, so no wonder they call themselves a ‘culinary gift shop’.

I sneaked a few photos onto my camera, as they were not too keen with me taking pictures inside the shop.


taste-stationsThere are various taster areas with loads of little dishes to dip in the provided mini bruschetta sticks and sample the delightful mixes.

ov-pack-with-dipper-croppedI was drawn to the dip mixes, actually called “Dipper”. They are ready made dehydrated herb and spice mixes. All one needs to do is add a little olive oil, or crème fraise to infuse the herbs to make a fabulous dip … or meat marinade.

Well, if one does decide to buy any of the delectable goodies there, they even gift wrap it.


ov_bottlesThey sell various shapes and sizes of empty glass bottles which then can be filled over and over with any of their oils and vinegars (there are some very strange vinegars, but curiously enough, they taste delicious).

I think, I shall be back at some point and invest in some glass bottles for fills and re-fills …

Well, I did not test-taste their chocolates (probably because I had my mouth full of herbs and garlic), but I noticed that they have some hand made chocolates with large dried chillies in and on them. Hhmmm, next time!

P.S. unfortunately this lovely shop does not exist on that location any longer.

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