Thursday, 8 January 2009

Time for the Christmas decoration in my home

(Originally posted on November 28th, 2008)


I live in a small apartment in London, so there is no space for grand Christmas decorations, but enough to make it cozy and inviting.

So, here are some pics of my decorating endeavours.nativity-40 First of all, here is a little reminder why Christmas is special to me: the birth of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Sure, we know that He was not born on December 25; but that’s ok, as I see the celebrations as a thanksgiving memorial that God Almighty actually was born as a little human being some 2000+ years ago, so that He would be in a position to redeem us from spiritual death and eternal seperation from God.

Eventhough it’s just a little wood carved nativity scene, at least I like to visually give honour here.

christmas-dec-2007-8-40Then, there is the dining table. When I was a kid, my family celebrated the Advent time before Christmas. That was always very special to me. In the evenings, my mother would light the candles, my father would get his guitar out, and we sat around the table singing inbetween munching those delicious German home-made Christmas cookies.

christmas-dec-2007-10-40No traditional German home, I mean South German home like in the areas of Nürnberg or Bavaria (my maternal folks background) is without a light pyramid. Some are simple and others are very elaborate and large. The heat of the candle light moves the inside of the pyramid like a carousel. Anyways, this is mine.

Well, here are some more pics of my Christmas decorations …




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