Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Siamese

Truffle and Praline


Truffle and Praline, dark Chocolate Point, Old Style Siamese, started out their life with ever increasing numbers of brothers and sisters from pedigree parents. They are brother and sister, though not of the same litter, and were rescued out of a shut-in garage where continuous breeding and virtually no human contact left them totally unsocialized, and were classified as difficult to re-home by the Siamese rescue shelter!

Since I adopted them, when they were one and two years old, respectively, they have come a long way. I have had Siamese before from a loving home breeder, so it was quite a difficult adjustment for me to make to give truffle and Praline the love and the space they needed without getting the usual purring and demanding attention back from them. So far, in all the time I had them, I only heard Truffle purr once, and Praline has never purred, yet.

I long for the day when I can actually pick them up, stroke them and cuddle them. They allow me to stroke them (under duress) when they are feeding. They are good natured and have not scratched me once, they just run away if alarmed in the slightest.

However, they do come and sit on my bed, or on the blanket on top of my legs. So, there is progress.

Typical for the breed, they really do enjoy being with humans, and need to be close to me wherever I am, just the touching, petting and cuddling they still need to learn to enjoy.

Below are some pics of them.


Truffle and Praline meditating in their bed in my office.


Truffle, he is a year older than his sister Praline


Truffle the office monkey, there is nothing more fun than floor to ceiling bookshelves.


The perfect book-end. Well, since the pic was taken, he has increased the space up there to make it more comfortable. Any unnecessary books were *removed* by him.


Disagreement in the communal bed … he got turfed out by madam!


When the computer came back from repairs, they had this wonderful box with all the packing stuff … huge entertainment!


Helping with the filing


Praline clearly got bored watching me work on the chair next to my desk … and dropped off to sleep … yeah, it’s a hard life being a pampered pet!


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