Thursday, 21 May 2009

So very proud of my daughter!

Today she wrote her last exam, meaning, she has now completed her Bachelor’s degree after a four year study slog alongside a full-time demanding job. It’s a BA in English Literature, and well, she has always been a keen reader.

She started early, probably influenced by seeing her mother buried in books most of the time. The moment she actually learnt to read, there was no stopping her.

There were numerous accounts and stories when she was little and at school, how the head teacher (principle) of the school was concerned that she would not stop reading even when walking on the street and bumping into lampposts, or secretly reading during lesson time.

Books have always been her passion. Asking her what she will do now after this degree, during the ‘gap-year’ till she’ll do her Masters? Oh simple, apart from working more on her sport fencing skills, she’ll finally get to read the mountain on non-academic books she has accrued ... and she can’t wait!

There is something else I need to mention, or another reason why I am so proud of her. She did her degree without any financial help from her parents, nor any loans, she worked hard at her job and did work related further exams during university holidays. What’s more she has remained a very balanced young lady who loves her fun, friends and socializing, and maintained a growing relationship with God her Saviour .... and is my own best friend!

One joyful and grateful mother!

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Beth in NC said...

Congratulations to your daughter! I know you're proud!