Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wedding - Sabah – Borneo – Malaysia

This is a long overdue blog, but suffice it to say, a lot happened.

A huge amount of prayer went into this trip, and those of you who know what I am talking about, a big *Thank You!* for taking the time to pray.

God answered superabundantly with His grace!

I had not seen my son for over 5 years, as he lives in Australia, so when he and his gorgeous new wife picked me up at the airport, I just dissolved in his arms in tears of joy. It was a wonderful and loving reunion!

What followed was a whirlwind of activities. Apart from the lovely wedding itself, all of us guests, from London and Australia were whisked off to a beautiful island, and of course on the mountainous trek around Mount Kinabalu ... a lot of activities crammed into a short space of time.

I was grateful to be back in the tropical heat with the high humidity which I so love and thrive in .... my only wish is for the locals to use fans rather than the ghastly cold air conditioners!

Below are some pictorial memories:

Approaching the island. The various colours of blue, green, aqua were so soothening and nourishing to me. I just love the water and get revived!

This rather large chap, a monitor lizard, lazily made his way around the beach folk. Except for those like me who hunted him with my camera, it bothered no-one and was at ease around all the people.

Apparently, they are quite aggressive in the water on different islands.

The next day we all went for a trek into the tropical rain forest at Mount Kinabalu, with the intent to go up on the 'canopy walk' which is a swinging riggedy hanging bridge about half a kilometre above the rain forest grounds ....

Here we are at the start of the climb ... both my son and daughter did not realize what was to be in store ...

There it is from the distance after a steep climb up on slippery make-shift 'steps' of various stone bolders and branches ....

I quit half way up. I plain was not fit enough to make it up.

Well, apparently it was a scary experience!

..... and then they got married!

My new daughter-in-love ... she is beautiful! I am so proud of both of them! What a gift they both are!

I have completely forgotten to post some pictures of those stunning South-East Asian tropical sunsets. They don't last long, but are incredibly intense. Enjoy!


Beth in NC said...

Geli, first I have to say I LOVE THAT NEW PICTURE OF YOU WITH THE HEAD BAND! Beautiful!

Second, the island pictures! Oh my!!! They look like something from a movie.

Third, honey I can't believe you like HUMIDITY! Yikes! Move here and you'll be quite happy!

Fourth, what in the heck were you doing near that big lizard!?!?!? Girl!!!!!! I would have been as far away (like locked in a car) as I could have been!!!

I am so glad you are home. And ... how did I miss the fact that you haven't seen your son in 5 years?!?!?!? How have you stood it? Oh my!

I love you!

LisaShaw said...

The reunion of you and your son after 5 years blessed my heart. I cried with you just reading it. That must have been hard to be away from each other that long. I'm crying not seeing our oldest daugther and the babies since last August. They are coming this fall.

The photos are breathtaking with the exception of the creature (smile).

Congratulations to the happy couple. I'm so glad that everything was absolutely beautiful for all of you.

By the way I LOVE HEAT but I NEED AIR CONDITIONING although I grew up on fans. Truth be told I use both. I sleep with the air conditioning in the summer with the fan overhead and an oscilating floor fan. Hubby is under two comforters because he's cold (smile). I want to blame it on hormones but I've always been that way.

I like heat but humidity drys me out.

I love ya!