Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Jazz Jamming, South African Braai & Great Friends

It’s what happened last weekend ... hey yes, it’s already Tuesday but the delicious smell of Boereworst still lingers in my nose, plus the yummy memories of Jerk Chicken ... and my own Ginger & Lemon Chicken (with heaps of garlic, herbs, cinnamon, cumin ... just ask for the marinade recipe ;-)) but don’t expect me to give you any precise measurements .... LOL).

So, it was the Don’s (*the Godfather of Music*) birthday (pic above). Entry requirements: bring yourself with total intent to enjoy yourself, some tasty morsels for the braai (BBQ for those who are not used to South Africans ....) and some drinkables would help, a musical instrument, if you play one ... or just your voice, and of course you must enjoy music, music and more music ... certainly jazz, blues, gospel, etc.

Giles, the chap on the electric violin, unfortunately got lost in the background of my picture ...

Folk drifted in at all hours, someone even dragged in a chap wandering around in the neighbourhood who had asked for directions to a friend’s party and got lost. He was persuaded that he needed to be at this party instead, and as it turned out, he was a drummer and totally intrigued arriving at a place abuzz with sounds and people of all ages and nationalities.

Yeah! It was good. So reminded me of some old times, some thirty years ago when I loved hanging with jazz cats, jamming through the night, with the odd people having drifted off *blissfully* with their guitars on their laps, or using the drum kit as a pillow, only to wake up at around three or four in the morning, fingers in place, to play the next riff ....

For some years, now, I have been promising myself to pick up my flute again and start practising ... one day, it will happen. (oh the B&W pics, yep that's me some 30+ years ago!)

What I so love about these folk is that they are Christians (indeed ministers ...) who know how to be real, just totally be themselves, and have good, clean, happy fun!

Anyway, I stopped overnight at my friends' house, and took the pleasurable and very sunny long scenic route through sleepy villages and towns back to my home grounds, or rather to my church at Chiswick, London where we were having a most glorious conference with Surprise Sithole, who is part of Heidi and Roland Baker’s Iris Ministries in Mozambique. (pic on right, Surprise and I)

Oh we had a blast! Check out the message on the CCC podcast player on the right hand side (just scroll down ... really worth listening to!).

The worship was led by Richard Lewis and our own Michael Phombeah (powerfully anointed and hugely talented drummer percussionist who plays at key conferences internationally).

Those two just rip tear open any veils of hindrance to the glory realm into heavenly portals. At one point, Michael’s percussions pounded into worship intercession, it felt like we were all immersed in a glory fire bath of Mozambique.

Yeah God! More!!

Below, Michael in action!

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Beth in NC said...

Sounds awesome and looks like you all had a great time!

And I have heard of Surprise! How wonderful!