Friday, 15 May 2009

Captivated by His Melody of Love

Last night I had a dream with His overwhelming deep romancing lover’s love burning inside of me, my heart aching for more ….

In my dream I found myself in a place where people come in, did whatever they had to do, and then left again. It looked like a large changing room or interchange place. There was a continuous stream of people coming and going.

I noticed that there was someone who did not come and go, who was just there, and He was playing the flute.

I was captivated by the flute as it is my personal favourite musical instrument, so I lingered to watch and listen. But then I noticed that the flute player was Jesus Himself. I was stunned and struck by awe just by the revelation of who it was who almost unassumingly, non-demandingly walked in our midst and playing the flute to us.

I became more engrossed in Him and His presence and decided to stay longer still - just watch and listen. Whilst playing the flute, He was slowly walking about towards people as they were coming and going in their busy endeavours. Most people who entered saw Him or at least were aware of Him, and some greeted Him politely, and then walked on, did what they had to do and then left.

I thought to myself, ‘do they actually know who He is?!’, and I then felt that, yes, most people did, but they were just too busy to stop. They politely acknowledged Him, but never stopped long enough to listen to Him play the flute. It was almost like pleasant general background noise to them as they swiftly moved through the area and out.

Where I was standing, location wise, was just a little further away than the people I watched entering and leaving the busy exchange through-route. So, I decided to walk up close to Him.
The closer I walked towards Him, the more I became aware how apprehensively ‘star-struck’ in awe I was of Him .... and would I actually hold up to being in His glorious presence as it became more powerful and radiant?

However, as I kept walking closer to Him, what I was experiencing, this irresistible drawing mixed with in-awe-trepidation, was gradually changing, almost in an imperceptible melting interchange into radiating love, yes, the intense romantic love of a lover, both from Him and now reverberating from myself to Him, through Him, back to me ....

It became so overwhelmingly intense like I had never felt before, even those giddiest moments of times in my life when I had first fallen in love with a man could not compare.

I walked even closer; the intense romancing love from Him had me craving for more. He continued playing the flute. Our eyes met, and His lovers love burned even deeper inside of me, affecting my entire being.

With that I woke up, still in sheer awe with that overwhelming deep romancing lover’s love burning inside of me; however, I was also reflecting how people just walk through, acknowledge Him at best, but not stop, listen and draw close to him beyond the almost foreboding awe of being in the presence of God Himself into the intense romancing of the Lover of His Bride.

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Anonymous said...

wow.... This dream was absolutely amazing.. It inspires me.. it makes you hungry to just go be with HIM.. its like wow... I want to go write a poem.. I want to go be with HIM.. He is so going to use this dream for you.. I can see you speaking and sharing this dream with others. GO YESHUA!!! WE lOVE YOU, and Angelika.. we love Yeshua manifesting through you! love you sis! Wendy

Beth in NC said...

Oh Geli, I didn't see this before (at least I don't remember reading it before). This is beautiful. Oh I would have LOVED to have had this dream.

I pray I take time to stop and listen.