Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Wisdom of Water Lilies

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day in London (UK) after some rather dreary wet grey and cold weeks. I had a privilege to take a walk in Hampstead Heath with a very special friend of mine, Simone. This is her contribution to this blog.

Geli xx

"on a walk with a very dear friend on the gorgeous Hampstead Heath in London, on an Indian Summer afternoon in October, we chanced upon an ornamental lake. The lake had waterlilies growing on it and just one strong one had survived to autumn. It was tightly closed when we first saw it, and took this photograph.

The sun came out and warmed both us and the lake, and slowly but surely the waterlily began to open a little. It was magical watching this hesitant unfolding. However the sun was not consistent and although beautifully warm when it did come out, whenever the clouds covered the sun, it became quite cool.

As I gazed at this one surviving, strong waterlily, it occurred to me that there is a wisdom in flowers. The strongest ones do not open to their full glory with just a few moments of sun and warmth, allowing a passing stranger to glimpse their inner treasures. These wise flowers will only open fully  when the warmth is consistent and long.

I am a survivor of an abusive relationship, and have for too long settled for less than I deserve in my romantic life.
I have felt a strong affinity for this gorgeous flower, and her wisdom in saving herself only for those times when she is bathed in warmth for consistent periods.

I wanted to share this with others.........if there is not consistent warmth, we need to remain tightly closed and open gradually, guardedly and safely, so that we too can remain the survivor. If this lily had been forced to open before she is fully ready, her petals will be torn and her beauty marred........and her life shortened far before its time.