Saturday, 8 August 2009

More Pink Greetings from London

Happy Pinklicious Saturday, again!

I was pondering on this seemingly silly idea of celebrating "Pink Saturday". But I find it is chosing to see life through pinky rose coloured glasses quite literally, without needing the glasses.

Think about it, when someone is "seeing the world through pink rose-tinted glasses," it tends to mean that they look on the bright side of life and are generally a happy, friendly, and cheerful person. Or as I like to put it for myself: I like to look and search for reasons to smile even in the worst situations. I guess that means first and foremost that with an attitude of gratitude, there is always something positive to learn in any situation.

So, going back to this "Pink Saturday" it is a reminder to at least once a week we look for something pink ... some reason to smile, and then spread that smile. It's finding something quite literally *pink* but still holding onto the metaphor.

Here I am today joining Beverly’s Pink Saturday which she hosts at "How Sweet The Sound" again, and I decided to also continue on the fun frivolous pink London greetings.

As you know the iconic London busses are red. Here is a really, really old one painted pink at London's famous Piccadilly Circus.

The modern busses do not have an opening at the back where people can get on or off when they please. Shame really. I know it's done for safety reasons, but none the less, it was great when you reached your destination, and due to traffic congestions, or traffic lights you could just get off, rather than having to walk back from the bus stop.

Likewise, you were able to hop on. They used to have a 'conductor' who collected your money for the fare and gave you a paper ticket from a dispenser hung around his/her neck.

Sorry, this pic is not from the pink bus, but of a then typical red bus.

Well, to all of you who do not live in London, come and visit the place, even when it is drizzly, grey cold and weather-wise miserable ... if you catch a sunny day, London is really spectacular!

There is so much to see and experience beyond the tourist spots. You may even find a pink bus or a pink taxi!!

Again, lots of love, light, warmth, blessings and wonderful fuzzy pink thoughts to you all,


Beth in NC said...

I love the pink bus. Very cute. I wonder what the man feels like driving a big pink vehicle? lol

If I ever visit London, I will FIND YOU.

Love ya!

Dreamgirl said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

For my pink post... visit me at Sweeter Living
(Your also welcome to my other blog Sweeter Homes... if you need some house inspiration)

Claudia said...

I love London - wish I was there! Love the pink bus, too. Happy Pink Saturday!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Angelika! Great bus! I wish I was riding thru London on it right now! ha!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rita said...

Thanks for sharing - love the pink bus. Have a wonderfully 'pink' weekend.

Rev Deb said...

Hi Angelika,
My daughter is the pink queen:) I am a simple plain Jane... But the pictures of London are superb!! I play racquetball with a man from London, he tells me stories all the time about different things, he is also a world traveler. So he always has lots to tell me. I love the beautiful accent he has too.. If you are ever in Connecticut you will have to drop me an email, I would love to meet you in person. On another note, your websites are looking awesome, content is always inspiring, and filled with lots of love... You are doing a great work for the Lord. Keep spreading God's love:)

I'll be talking to you:) Have a blessed week and Be Blessed
Rev Deb