Friday, 13 February 2009

Rejoicing over precious God Connections & answered prayer!

I have no idea where this week went??!! Can't believe it's already Friday!!

Some time ago I was introduced to the music of Theresa Griffith-Hurlbert. She's come out of a severely abusive marriage, bedridden, and God restored her in every respect plus taught her supernaturally how to play 12 flutes. ... and gave her a help-meet. I thought YEAH! It's about time that God grants help-meets to us women! Her amazing testimony can be seen on Sid Roth:

I always found her and her minsitry so inspiring and secretly hoped that God would provide a way for us to connect and chat via the Internet. Well, God granted me that wish. What a special and beautiful lady she is! Certainly someone who understands intense suffering as well as the sublime goodness and love of God!

Oh, anyone who would like a lovely single - love song as a gift, check out Theresa's website "Somebody Cares Ministries".

Then another praise report:

A couple of months ago I sensed that I should incorporate prophetic healing touch into my ministry. I have for many, many years been drawn to massage, giving massage. During my university psychology degrees, I had an opportunity to study the therapeutic uses of essential oils plus their effects on the wellbeing of emotions.

Although I am not a qualified massage therapist, God has been using me to minister prophetic healing touch especially to domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors. What I needed was a proper massage table to be able to serve better and not hurt my back in the process.

I started to believe Him for it. Soon after, a prophet friend of mine *saw* me with a massage table in a room with an healing angel standing at the head end of the table!

To my big surprise, a very dear, longstanding friend of mine, Simone, gifted me with a professional massage table for my birthday the other day. I just thank God for special friends in my life!

WOW! Praise God!!


Beth in NC said...

Girl! For one, I can't believe you have connected with Theresa Griffith -- wait, is that her married name now? I can't remember! ANYWAYYYYYYY, how exciting! I have seen her several times on Sid Roth (I just LOVE him!).

And PRAISE GOD about the table!!! I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do with you girlie! Maybe you should put the future in-laws (you know Rose's parents) on that table. hee hee

Love you!

Angelika said...

Theresa Griffith-Hurlbert, or as she prefers to be called by her married name, Hurlbert in Christian circles